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APPROACH: We believe every space should serve as an expression of your deepest needs and desires. To this end, every element is carefully considered for its impact on function and aesthetics, and then expertly layered for a thoughtful, seamless finish. We work collaboratively with our clients to fashion spaces that tell their stories, seeing the entire process through from conceptualization to completion. This involves establishing an overall aesthetic direction, carefully considering the circulation and layout of each space, designing interior architectural elements, specifying finishes, fixtures, furniture, accessories, and art. To ensure the design intent is maintained, we know our involvement is critical at every stage of the process. 

AESTHETIC: Every project is personally overseen by our principal Breanna, the direct point of contact for clients. Having lived and worked in all four corners of the globe, she draws inspiration from the vast tapestries of the world, from the rich urban fabric of faraway cities to earthy natural landscapes. She also sources globally-procured artisanal antiques where possible, to invite the outside in. A harbinger of light, texture, and timeless design. Most importantly, every space is inspired by your past, passions, and future. All the little things that make you who you are translated into a design that truly resonates with your way of life. 

ACUMEN: Our designs are built on a solid foundation of experience, qualifications, and academia. Breanna brings over 20 years in the field along with two master's and two bachelor’s degrees. Professional qualifications aside, she is passionate about seeing each project come to life, working tirelessly to realize each distinctive vision. At just 25, Breanna designed a penthouse in Tribeca for a friend, sparking a vision for the venture ahead. Through word of mouth alone, she has since developed a dedicated client base and highly sought-after interior studio, a testament to her inherent skill and passionate spirit. 


NETWORK: Working in collaboration with local or remote architects and engineers, our luxury home interior design and commercial services can be accompanied by a full complement of project support. We often work in tandem with contractors and creatives to craft a seamless finished space, overseeing every phase of construction to firmly establish our design ethos. For smaller projects, we can create the necessary construction drawings ourselves, while larger projects allow us to collaborate with a whole team of talented architects and engineers. Our network is as vast and varied as our design portfolio,

Breanna Carlson_headshot.jpg
Founder/Design Director

Breanna was raised in Minnesota, an upbringing which fostered her strong work ethic, Scandinavian aesthetic, and kindled a passion for meaningful and functional design. Her earliest artistic endeavors were comprised of sustainable, local, and affordable materials which inspired resourcefulness and creativity from a young age. These enterprises encouraged her desire to work with her hands and fostered a curiosity into how things are constructed, laying the foundation for Breanna’s professional and academic pursuits.

Breanna earned a Master of Science degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University and a Master of Architecture with Distinction from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. For over 20 years, she has taught architecture and interior design at prestigious universities in the U.S. and abroad. She is a Certified Interior Designer with the NCIDQ and an Associate member of the AIA.

In addition to practice-based research and teaching, Breanna possesses an insatiable appetite for learning how artisans have designed and constructed objects and spaces through the ages, leading to extensive international travel. These journeys have informed her industrious and eclectic style, codifying an underlying appreciation for ecologically and culturally attuned designs which have stood the test of time.


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