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Coveted Gramercy Townhouse

Tucked away in a charming corner of Manhattan, this luxurious townhouse was lovingly pieced together from four separate apartments. In need of more room to suit an expanding family, the clients requested a refined yet restful space that speaks to the natural rhythms of everyday life.

Two bedrooms were removed to make way for a double-height foyer and staircase, while the layout was extensively reimagined throughout. Built-in bunk beds were installed to allow two spritely boys a separate room just for play, and an eclectic collection of Persian and Scandinavian heirlooms was combined with elegant Belgian accessories to cultivate a sophisticated yet comfortable atmosphere for the couple. Finally, the building’s historic character was reinstated after years of unrequited modernization with salvaged stone fireplaces, custom brass grates, and polished, period fixtures.

Photography: Shaked Uzrad

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